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Who doesn't like me when I can’t

and a preface needs to be written

before those songs of mine introduce yourself get dressed and also undress again and again…

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Ljubezni brez doma
Loves without home

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My last collection of poems in five languages ​ with my new artistic name - Dragica Čarna and ​illustrations by Božidar A. Kolerič.

The collection has been created for seven years and brings the loves of my life, which many have never found their home. They came, they knocked on my door, and I tried to give them shelter always, but they did not always find their way home, …

The collection consists of four thematic set of poems, Songs of the Sun, Moon, Lilith and Venus.

Consistently all begin with a "playing’s" in different languages, which announces the theme of poems. These “playing’s” are thoughts in a poetic dress and are my introduction to the poems. The name “playing’s” is copyrighted.

The cover of the book is special: artist Božidar A Kolerič painted the cosmogram of my dear deceased friend, Ajra Miška (Pogačnik), with whom she was healing. All his paintings in the collection, introduce themes of poems, they are portals of Light and energies which touch the human soul and heal it. Images intimately touch the contents of the poems. Also, the colours of the verses are not random. In purple colour on a white background and only the Lilith- Dark Moon is in dark colour and her voice is golden! She is the first woman, the creator of life who dares, seduces, is rebellious and, as such, always fresh, different, unpredictable and eternal.

The book had a remarkable response in the Slovenian media - from a newspaper, radio to television with interviews and many presentations both in Slovenia and abroad. She was also represented through a poetry-dance performance at the European School Brussels Uccle and at the Slovenian Embassy in Brussels. The collection was published by Sebur.

This collection of poems was chosen by Americans to enter the most prestigious library in the world, the Library of Congress In Washington.

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