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The eye of an artist expands horizons, the pen of the poet, feelings.


I was born in eastern Slovenia and soon I moved to Ljubljana, where I completed my elementary and secondary schooling, university, and scientific Master studies in Slovene and Italian literature. My first job led me to Rome where I was a professor of the Slovene language and literature at the University of  Rome - La Sapienza Roma and RAI Roma journalist - translator and journalist of Slovene broadcasts. I was also the translator to Slovenian politicians and diplomats in Rome. At the end of the nineties, I went to Madrid, Spain, as the spouse of the Slovenian Ambassador in Spain, Cuba, and Andorra, with a series of diplomatic activities and giving classes of Slovene language and literature (cyclical lectures) at Complutense University of Madrid for the students and professors of Slavic languages.


From Madrid, I moved to Brussels as the spouse of the Slovenian ambassador to the EU with many diplomatic activities. It was during the time when Slovenia joined the EU. I was fully involved in the integration of the Slovenian language into the European School and at the same time I focused on writing and publishing. Over the years, I also competed with the CLL-Language Centre under the auspices of the Catholic University of Leuven as a professor of Slovene and Italian language for the needs of the CLL Centre and for CLL IE (European Institutions) as a professor of the Slovenian language for European Institutions.
In the last fifteen years, I have published six poetry collections! Agenda, aphorisms and poems 2007-8, Granules of Sand, Heart and Thought (poems and the collection of Aphorisms), Breviary of Life - the Note of the Soul / The first four poetic collections I am a co-author / and Loves without Home and Lilith as Dragica Čarna, my new artistic name.

My last two collections of poems were chosen by Americans to enter the most prestigious library in the world, the Library of Congress in Washington. (Lilith is exempt here, as it was just released). The sixth, named LILITH, is trilingual, written in Slovenian, Spanish, and Italian. All poems are original,including translations. It is dedicated to women. To the first woman of all women and everyone after her.

In recent years, I have been deeply involved in the interpretation of poetry through flamenco in differentlanguages with different artists around the world. With two artists, we created together the poetic dance performance 'Loves Without Home' with music and dance and performed it in Belgium, the USA and Slovenia. For this purpose, I also founded my cultural and artistic association Dancing Lights. Art that connects and heals. I have done long-term education and studies from alternative holistic treatment methods and I am a Master Reiki, a holistic healer. In recent years, I have been actively participating by reading my poetry in different languages in international Zoom meetings of the PEN International Women Writers Committees and connecting with different Pens around the world with my poetry.


In 2022, I was nominated for the Mira Literary Award. I am a member of the Slovenian Pen Club (Association of Writers) and Mira (Women Writers Association).


My hobbies include: flamenco dancing, astrology studies, and holistic healing.

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