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"The words of a traveler to the prayer of beauty and liberation Maybe it was a distant voice of fate or an unusually happy coincidence that I got my hands on a book of poems by Dragica Novak Štokelj and Nika Brumna..."

BREVIR duse note ZIVLJENJA 3D_edited.jpg

Brevir duše,
note življenja

Breviary of life - the notes of the soul


With the paintings of the artist Metoda Umek, who illustrated all four poetry collections. The cover of the book carries the image of a candlestick in the midst of the strong pillars of red and white, precisely such shapes and colours as the Cordoba mesquite - the largest preserved Arabic prayer temple in the western world, converted into a church by the Reconquista. Temples of all times in which a man was seeking the contact with the divine in himself and inside all of the universe. Prayers as a sanctuary of a man.


The book is therefore in gold colour and the poems in it are printed in red wine colour.

Gold as the colour of eternity and perfection, wine red because they are grounded, self-confident and full of power.


These poems are prayers and prayers are poems to gods without names and gods with names, to themselves and to the universe. In essence, all poems are prayers from the beginning of creation. The introductory thought invites: Pray to yourself, man, you are a god to yourself!


he interweaving of female's and male's voices – yin and yang- from themselves to the world and from the world- to yourself.

This collection of poems was chosen by Americans to enter the most prestigious library in the world, the Library of Congress In Washington.



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