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dust covers
my dreams


In front of you are verses from the new poetry collection in three languages: Slovenian, Spanish, and Italian.

Some of the poems were first written in Slovenian, others in Spanish, and some in Italian. And all with love for myself and life. The poems are the path within us. Meeting yourself. Talk to yourself. Work on yourself. This takes time and really requires effort. For most of us, the process is lifelong. This writing is one way of starting out, even though the process is individual. Poems with a vision of a woman for a woman. Being reduced to the essence and then rebuilding oneself profoundly and deeply. Being transformed by it.

The poems have been written intensively for the last six years and are dedicated to WOMAN in all her images, joys, passions, playfulness, seductions, wills to live, passion, laughter as well as pain, sadness, challenges, anger, rejection, inadequacy, etc.

This is my sixth collection of poems that restore strength to a lost, forgotten, repressed, discarded woman who finds herself and is reborn even more rebellious, even wilder, even more naked, even more her own. Lilith, the first, woman of all women ! 

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