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between poems

the word as the oldest source 

of love 

Ljubezni brez doma

Loves without home

Ljubezni brez doma -  3D.jpg

Nothing in this world is eternal. Certain. Stable. Forever. Not even love. Man is born, lives and dies. Capturing the present moment, we make man immortal through art. Taking all loves without a home and making them eternal. Verses are brought to life through dance and music from the book, a poetic collection written in five languages, Loves Without a Home, by Slovenian poet and aphorist Dragica Čarna.


Sparks of intertwined emotions bring different voices and echoes to the music, the dance, the spoken word, and the images, embracing different view points that have existed throughout time, awakening in us all the many emotions man can experience in this everlasting Universe...touching and speaking with beauty.


Being a Love with no home, feeling sadness, emptiness, never being good enough, beautiful enough, useful, nor in tune with the world. Yet, at the same time, being perfect, having self-esteem, and a need for rebellion, teaching oneself. Being a God and Goddess. Seducing with the charm of one's voice and bodily expression along with notes of flamenco music. Adding energetic paintings and portals of light projections, illustrating the book.


Creating the mystical language and healing art which goes beyond physical perception, opening the heart to connect with your inner self. Being You. Loving you. Dreaming you. Dancing you. Speaking you. Singing you. Struggling you. Crying you. Respecting you. Daring you.


The poetic dance is created by Spanish choreographer and dancer Federico Ordoñez and the music by Belgian composer and musician Anthony Carrubba.Therefore, the choreography, music, and images related to the poems are copyrighted. This is an original concept that embodies and expresses the poetry and has been created for Loves without a home.


The performance consists of four thematic sets of poems: Songs of the Sun, Moon, Lilith and Venus.


Songs of the Sun are poems of self-confidence, the will to live, joy, power, and individuality (Me, When I write poems, Behind the door I stand, I will change the times).


Songs of the Moon are poems of the soul, heart, melancholy, sadness, pain, imagination, dreams, emotions (Let it Go, Dark semblances of Light, Silence of time).


Songs of Lilith are poems of a rebellious, strong and powerful woman with passions and obsessions of all kinds. Lilith is a femme fatale that often also possesses masculine energy.(My steps of a man, Poem of Lilith, Mystical).


Songs of Venusare poems of love, beauty, romance, seduction, and the pleasures of a woman's grace and charm.( No one like you, Don't ask me, Goddess).


The music and dance reflect the attitudes, feelings and thoughts of these poems. The flamenco music connects with the contemporary flamenco dance.


Dance choreographed and performed by Federico Ordoñez

Music composed and performed by Anthony Carrubba

Poems written and performed by Dragica Čarna

Illustrations created by Božidar A.Kolerič

Performance directed by Federico Ordoñez

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